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For decades, remote work has automatically been associated with developers, writers or designers…It was mainly all about a free independent lifestyle that could make any one fantasize even if the situation was considered as precarious and insecure. Working mothers, commuting workers, as well as special health needs workers have always been tempted to flexible working. On the other hand, this mode has always been considered as an excellent alternative for employers to attract talents from all over the world. Covid 19 was an opportunity for different kinds of people from all fields and all places around the globe to discover different aspects of remote work.

Wherever you are an employer, an employee, a beginner or a confirmed freelancer, this article suggests excellent resources to support your first steps, keep you informed and keep you motivated and ever evolving with remote work. 

Why do I need my reliable remote work blog list?

For years, a great deal of employers, employees or jobseekers didn’t dare to make the move because of lack of information, legal issues, unknown and unmeasurable risks or technical limits. On the other side, there have been talented freelancers who crossed the line but rapidly gave up on their dreams because of lack of community support, organizational issues and inappropriate working tools or environment. 

For all these reasons and more, it is important to carry on all the necessary research before starting your journey with remote work.  But the most important thing is that you make sure you are gathering accurate, reliable and updated information.

Blogs for remote work first steps


Millo is an outstanding blog where you can find fulfilling answers for any question that you may have about remote work. It could be considered as your accomplished guide of all times. It simply supports you from the very first steps till you get your first client. It keeps you updated with the latest news and the latest efficient tools. It also keeps you connected with a wide range of freelancers and solopreneurs from all fields and from the very experts to the very beginners ones. Millo is not only about finding your perfect remote job but its ultimate goal is to make you able to build your own business.

Relevant points:

-An accomplished guide 

-A selection of top freelance tools

-A supporting community

Escape The City Blog

Escape The City Blog helps you to plan the perfect escape from traditional work modes and work from anywhere. It gathers pertinent tailored courses and programs to change your career and discover yourself within a different field and a different work style. This blog also offers opportunities to join online events to work on your soft skills and guarantee a successful career transformation.

Relevant points:

-Tailored courses and programs

-Online events

-Connexions with recognized organizations

-Selected job opportunities

Blogs to have an inspiring lifestyle

The work at Home Woman

This highly inspiring blog has been considered twice as one of the top websites for your career. The work at Home Women talks to women wanting to redefine the limits between their personal and professional life. Being successful and ambitious means to find the balance between your professional expectations and your family needs. The perfect way to enhance your career with no more compromises regarding your personal life is to work from home. Holly Reisem Hanna, shares her experience and gives all the pertinent tips and necessary tools to start your journey with remote work.

Relevant points:

-An inspiring success story

-An award winning career resource

-A supportive women community

-A FREE 5-Day Work-From-Home Starter Guide 

The life Style Hunter

The Life Style Hunter is one of the best blogs to promote and support one of the most extreme and exciting lifestyles.  Not only, it encourages passionate travelers to fully live their dreams but also to earn money from their passion. Pilar Noriega, the blog creator and author is a digital nomad herself. She tries to share her experience, gives tips and information about this lifestyle and keeps you updated with any remote work, volunteering or scholarship opportunity.

Relevant points:

-International careers opportunities

-Practical traveling information

-Blogger Recognition Award

Blogs to keep you motivated

Work from home happiness

Ashlee Anderson, a certified professional career coach, created Work From Home Happiness to help and urge remote work seekers to find their rewarding job. She gives a detailed overview about a selection of meaningful remote jobs. In addition, she offers a free guide: “Top 10 Industries Hiring Remote Workers in 2021 and Beyond”. Ashlee regularly posts relevant, inspiring and motivating  articles for the most talented as well as for the less skilled workers. 

Relevant Points:

-Remote jobs detailed descriptions

-Direct contact with the blog author

-Well selected remote job opportunities

Wanderful World

Wanderful World is the perfect blog that conveys all the positive vibes and shares all the motivating tips to get started with your valuable remote work.  Lizzie, the blog owner doesn’t only proudly share her experience or support you to get started but she also does not hesitate to take your freelancer career to the next level.

Relevant points:

  • An accomplished freelancer guide 
  • A free training
  • Readable catchy articles

Blogs to learn remote work best practices 

Remote mode

Remote mode is a highly impressive well designed website that supports you to build a remote tech career. It offers a full service program including : learning, practice, preparing your interview, getting matched with your perfect job and getting hired. In addition to all the pertinent articles, this blog gives you exhaustive information about career tracks and the whole process and you can even speak to an IT career advisor.

Relevant points:

-A full service program to get a new remote career

-Highly informative and intuitive blog

-A revolutionary career building approach


Remote-how is an accomplished blog that supports employers during their hybrid work or remote work transition. A part from pertinent best practices articles, this blog offers tailored solutions, online training and consulting services to guarantee a successful work mode transition.

Relevant points:

-Employers support oriented

-Hybrid and remote work employers transition

-Trainings and consulting services

Blogs for remote work data basis and analytics 

Global Workplace Analytics

Global Workplace Analytics, is an expert  in developing workplace strategies. It could be your ultimate reference about the future of work trends and strategies. It also relies on the brightest experts, writers and researchers to provide reliable content (research reports, case studies, white papers, e-books…) about any topic related to remote and hybrid work. 

Relevant points:





As a team that entirely works remotely itself, Remote-com is the most likely blog to provide credible and authentic content and convey the remote work culture. The blog contains countless articles, guides, posts, videos. I can’t tell how many new articles are published every single minute. Despite the incredible amount of articles you have access to, the website is very ergonomic, structured and the content is well organized and sorted out according to the type, topics, popularity and audience reactions.

Relevant points:

-Abundant content

-Various content

-Sorted out content

-Recent content

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