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 The Top 20 Tools to Work Remotely6 min read
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From Anywhere to Everywhere: Best Tools for Remote Work

The pandemic has changed the way we work forever. Companies are providing opportunities to employees to work from home. Advanced technologies have enabled us to get the job done wherever we are in the world. People all over the world are adopting remote work as a full-time career.

The productivity of remote work depends on choosing and implementing the right productivity tools that are now available over the internet. This article will cover the top 20 tools to work remotely to help you meet your goals.

1. Slack

Slack is a communication tool that transforms the way organizations communicate to bring people together to work as a unified team. This productivity tool integrates with third-party services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Zapier and lets you use some of your favorite apps within Slack. 

Slack’s voice and video call feature make the hybrid work and face-to-face collaboration a breeze. 

2. Teams

Microsoft Teams is a messaging app designed for remote work so you and your team can stay connected, organized, and informed under one roof. You can easily collaborate with people through video calls or group chats on Teams. The audio conferencing feature of the Team allows you to join online meetings and audio conferences. 

3. Meta Workplace

Meta workplace is an all-in-one business communication application that allows online group work, news sharing, video/audio conferencing, and instant messaging. This productivity tool offers an innovative feature to share feedback on various files shared in the work groups. 

The workplace is one of the most reliable remote work tools that help you track your projects and task progress.

4. Miro

Miro is a collaborative whiteboard platform designed to organize meetings and workshops and use presentation, video chat, sharing, and other collaboration capabilities to work together effectively. It empowers hybrid work and collaborates across innovative tools without the constraints of whiteboards, physical locations, and meeting spaces. 

You can use the idea management tool of Miro to collaborate on unique ideas and share them with other teammates. 

5. Notion

The Notion is the fastest-growing online productivity tool where you can plan, write, and collaborate. The advanced features of Notion enable you to manage your hybrid work projects more efficiently. The building blocks of this remote work tool you to create your toolkit to plan your work, project, and goals. 

It is a real-time collaboration tool that provides easy-to-use task management and organization features.

6. G-suite

Many businesses and individuals prefer using G-Suite due to its advanced management features. G-Suite is the collection of innovative applications created by Google for business, collaboration, and educational purposes. It gives you an exclusive array of features such as online storage, email, video meetings, and shared calendars to make your remote work more effective.

7. Office 365

Office 365 is a subscription-based remote work tool designed to share and collaborate with your customers and colleagues. It is a cloud-based productivity suite that offers several useful tools, including Teams, SharePoint, Word, Exchange, and Excel, to make your hybrid work seamless. 

8. Teemyco

Teemyco is a virtual workplace for remote work and creative collaboration. It is where you can bring all your teammates to share your projects, ideas, and goals. Teemyco creates an engaging experience to ensure every team member is connected. 

Teemyco makes your remote work more efficient by eliminating misalignment and miscommunication. 

9. Gather

Gather-a virtual office is a newly-launched application that allows you to stay together virtually. You can enjoy your online meetup, conferencing, and map editing on the go. 

Gather is a browser-based application that offers a complete array of features such as video calls, posters, whiteboards, poker tables, and podiums to simulate many things you normally do in person. 

10. Beremote

Beremote is the leading hybrid working platform that effectively helps hybrid teams reach their full potential. This hybrid office logistic platform allows employees to find and book a desk, a parking spot, and meeting rooms anywhere. 

Beremote uses advanced tools to improve team participation and collaboration. It’s the best option for small to large-sized enterprises, helping in small scheduling, team building, employee benefits, and much more.

11. Zoom

Zoom is one of the most famous remote work tools in recent times. It ensures efficient collaboration among team members through HD voice and video calls. 

Zoom allows you to create a digital meeting room, enjoy advanced collaborative features, share screen, and host up to 100 participants for free. 

12. Whereby

Whereby is the most simple and enjoyable productivity tool for those who want to conduct reliable, high-quality video calls. It provides a great collaborative space to collaborate with your customers and colleagues. 

Being a GDPR compliant, Whereby secures your video meetings from outside threats and vulnerabilities. It also lets you record and downloads your conferences and meetings to share them with other team members.

13. Hive

Hive is a simple hybrid work tool that empowers fast-moving teams, including Toyota and Google. It integrates with Zoom to make your video call more effective and fast. You can fulfill your hybrid work needs such as file sharing, video calling, meeting notes, and email integration with Hive. 

14. Dialpad

Dialpad is an advanced communication platform powered by AI (Artificial intelligence) to help make your remote work more effective. The video conferencing feature of Dialpad can take your online collaboration to the next level. The voice intelligence power of this productivity tool saves your Team from worrying about meeting notes.

15. CloudApp

CloudApp is a great tool for hybrid work. It offers advanced options such as screen recordings, HD videos, GIFs, and annotated screenshots to make your collaboration more interesting. It allows you to customize your remote work by using visual edits.

16. Google Drive

Google Drive is a famous productivity tool designed to share and edit Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, and Slideshows. This browser-based remote work tool is accessible from anywhere, making your collaborations seamless. 

This centralized location ensures that only the people you’ve invited can access your shared files. 

17. Xtensio

Xtensio is an essential remote work tool that allows people to create and share documents, PDFs, web pages, and presentations. It has a great library of amazing templates which you can use to create interactive documents. It is an ideal tool for hybrid work because it has advanced features to collaborate on creative documents.

18. Trello

If you want a simple project management tool to manage your hybrid work, Trello is a great option. This Kanban board-based productivity tool offers easy-to-use features to organize your files and online meetings. You can organize the cards on Trello into different phases; attach images of files with them to invite your teammates to collaborate on a board.

19. Okta

Okta is a simple and great productivity tool that ensures a seamless hybrid working experience. It makes things easier by storing passwords and authentication for different apps. The single sign-on feature of Okta enables you to sign in with one password to all of your tools. 

20. Loom

Loom is the most effective tool to manage hybrid work. Its advanced features allow you to record and share video meetings from your computers. If you want to guide your teammates on how to complete a task, use software or finish a project, Loom is the best option.

We hope this list of the top 20 tools to work remotely will help you find the perfect tool to achieve your hybrid work goals. 

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