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Working remotely while exploring the fanciest cities, beholding the most beautiful scenarios, meeting new people, and having great laughs are all you need to stay productive and youthful. Below are specially picked cities in the USA where you can work remotely:

1. Madison Wisconsin

Madison Wisconsin

Madison Wisconsin is one of the best places to feel at home, and explore a lifestyle that speaks culture, class, and development while working remotely. With its medium-sized population of fewer than 260,000 persons, you worry less about the high cost of living. Go ahead to embrace its serenity, taste some special local cuisines, and tour places like the Wisconsin State Capital, Olbrich Botanical Gardens, and Capitol Square.

2. Boulder Colorado

Boulder Colorado

It is situated at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, which makes it the best place to live and work remotely if you are an outdoor lover. Its exciting outdoor activities include hiking, rock climbing at the Flatiron Mountain, joining a gym, and exploring the Rocky Mountain National Park and its environments during the weekends. 

3. Las Vegas Nevada

In Nevada is popularly referred to as “the City of Sin” because of its scores of adult attractions making it a place for perfect remote work and fun. Las Vegas is recognized worldwide as a major resort city because of its casinos, adult entertainment, great restaurants, and wild nightlife. You will love it.

4. Tulsa Oklahoma

Tulsa Oklahoma

This is a city with temperate climate conditions and a population of about 400, 000. If you need a relaxing spot to work remotely and feel close to home? This place is known for its flourishing and rich musical history, art scenes, parks, and traditional Native American food and is highly recommended.

5. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park: It’s a huge park located in the western part of the United States, bordered by Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Its attractions are the Lamar valley, Yellowstone canyon, old faithful, and more making it a top option for remote working and relaxation.

6. Topeka Kansas


A city well known for its great and exotic Lake Shawnee and the 160-acre Gage Park which is the peak of attraction. The top-notch zoos and aquatic centers make it special for people that work remotely, want productivity, and are drawn to the seaside of nature.

7. Burlington Vermont

Burlington Vermont

It’s a beautiful city for remote working and fun time which includes avid skiing, beers, and exotic restaurants. Another side attraction is the Shelburne Museum which leaves a lasting impression in your heart.

8. Cincinnati Ohio

Cincinnati Ohio

This is another incredible place for remote working for lovers of sports and meditators who love a mix of the quiet and bustling. You can have freshly brewed exotic beers on rooftops, go hiking, visit nature centers, and experience peace and calm at the great lakes. Don’t forget to enjoy their foods, cozy neighborhoods, and delicately crafted architecture.

9. Traverse City Michigan

Traverse City Michigan

This city helps you bring to life your cultural fashion sense while exploring other fun spots and working remotely. With a population of about 15,000, you have access to a low cost of living, all-year outdoor activities, waterfront dining, cafes, shops, and exotic boutiques.

10. Greenville South Carolina

Greenville, SC is a beautiful city between Charlotte and Atlanta. If you want to live a low profile and enjoy yourself while working remotely? This is the city for you as you neither need to own a car nor pay extra for luxury. The Appalachian Forest is a place to go on a hike, view some soul-refreshing waterfall, drink a lot of beer, and dance to the most melodious live band. It is the homeliest spot in the USA.

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